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  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your small business, in your browser or on your Mac.

A common problem

I was feeling a little overwhelmed and client projects were falling by the wayside, even at 80% complete.

Earlier in 2014 I had my fingers in so many pies, my hands were all covered in jam and things weren't getting finished. My theme and plugin business was thriving (because I love working on it) but some client work and other projects I wanted to finish got to the latter stages, but ultimately shelved, dumped or left to stand in the tumbleweed. I needed to start shipping more stuff.

Getting to 80% and not getting something out there is common with any freelancer or designer. I had notes and tasks all over the place. Client files and invoices in various folders on my Mac (although I was syncing with Dropbox) and also no idea how profitable my business was, or if the cashflow was positive and how many days until I would run out of money. Alarm bells should be bringing. Yes.

I love making spreadsheets and pretending to know what I'm talking about but really I just wanted a simple thing that I could log in to, see how much has come in and out and give me a snapshot of the "health" of the business. The cashflow. No complex accounting app or time tracking tool. Then in the same thing a place to whack in some short tasks and notes on what I'm working on right now and then when I've finished a project, just zip it up, ship it to the client and then punch out an invoice and get paid. All from one location.

The solution

Not necessarily any Eureka moment, but just a wish to have a centralised place to keep an eye on these things and get them moving. I wanted this in my browser (and later my Mac) and that's it. Just on my workstation to keep me in the moment when in work-mode. No convoluted GPS-tracked-to-do-list-reminder-with-tags-complicated-thing or accounting suite. Just a couple of important metrics to give me the insight I needed. And if I were to buy this, I'd want it without a monthly fee. No updating or software needed to install, and no need to manage servers or mess around with anything. I was stacked as it was.

So, Sushi app was made to solve this. And I think it will solve this for other single founders and small business owners too.

This is not for teams or agencies or people who want to sync their life across eight devices or need a QuickBooks killer. This a one-hit central command centre built for Solopreneurs. People who are embracing staying small, ducking and diving, and working hard in the moment to ship projects and client work everyday.

The hope (goal)

If this can save you some time in a month, get you to send out an invoice more easily, ship some files off, keep an eye on your cash flow so your business doesn't go under or just work a little more stress-free, then it has all been worth it and worth your hard-earned money.

There's a few things planned to extend Sushi app and I hope this helps you in your daily working life.

Work less stressed.
Create great work.
Make clients happy.
Ship it.

Enjoy some Sushi!