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When you buy Sushi, you're buying more than just software.

You're buying an amazing support-backed product. Run into trouble? Send us an email. Want to get on with your business? Get invoicing, crossing off tasks and shipping those client projects. We'll help you succeed!

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Can't believe the number of billable hours I no longer waste jumping from one app to the next to manage all these things.

Jeff Madsen, tweetstart.me

A tool like this 8 years ago would have saved us much heart-ache!

James Kemp, grege.jp
This one-time purchase lets you use Sushi on a PC or a Mac in your home or office, in your favourite web browser.

There's also a free Mac OS X app Mac users can use to access Sushi instead of a browser. Cool, right?

Your license is good for all Sushi 1.x updates and will never expire. After you buy, we'll show you an activation key to unlock Sushi. Copy it and paste the key into the app to start your new freelancing happiness.