• Sushi - the app for freelancers
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your small business, in your browser or on your Mac.

Get your projects finished, shipped and billed.

Simple freelancing workstation with cash flow, file sharing, invoices, notes and tasks. For freelancers, entrepreneurs and people flying Han Solo.

Watch your cash flow

Simple metrics to monitor the health of your small business.

Any currency you use, set it.

Set your local currency and see a real-time snapshot of your business
in one of 100+ world currencies.

And so much more.

With over 30 features, Sushi is the easiest way to monitor your business's income and outcome.

Future flows

See future income and expenses on the horizon before they hit today.

Search and sort

Search or sort by date or type to quickly find a specific flow.

Export your data

Excel export your flows or make a quick PDF report for a printed snapshot.

Tools from start to finish

A flexible set of tools and functions for the modern freelancer.

  • Flow
    Simple snapshot of your cashflow.

  • Notes
    Collect your notes on current projects.

  • Tasks
    Fast list of tasks to finish and move on.

  • Invoice
    Make an invoice in minutes and get paid.

  • Deliver
    Upload your files and share with clients.

Finish and ship projects

Get work completed, delivered to clients, and get paid.

Get your project files delivered to clients with ease

Focus on creating great work and we'll take care of getting it into the hands of your clients.

Often delivering project files via email is a hassle: think SPAM filters and attachment limits. Now with SushiDeliver, upload your project ZIP file and get a secure link straight back to share in an email.

Compose an email telling 'em you've done it, and paste the link in there. Send it and your client can download your file with ease. The secure links are available for 48 hours and then the file is destroyed. Peace of mind for you and your clients.

Export invoices, reports and data

Quick invoicing at your fingertips. No messing around. Punch in the receiver, drop in your logo, add your rate or amounts and hit export. Email the clean and simple invoice and get paid faster.

And if you want to print or share a snapshot of your cash flow on any given day, export a minimal report PDF (or Excel sheet) with all the key metrics to give you the insight you need.

Designed with you in mind

Sushi is made for the browser (Mac + PC) - so we've got you covered.

Call me lightning

Fast and lightweight app. Runs snappy in the browser, easy and quick to setup and only minutes to get going. You'll be punching in info in no time at all.


For Mac users, there is an optional Mac app available (free) for quick access to Sushi outside of the browser. Keeps Sushi in your Mac Dock and in arm's reach.

Royal security

Encypted passwords, salting and hashing, local data storage in most cases, and delivered files deleted after 48 hours. Data is served over a secure SSL connection too.

Crystal clear

All the graphics and display features in the app are optimised for HiDPI (Retina) displays so everything looks hot and sharp on any Retina, 3k or 5k displays. Crystal?

Nothing to update

Runs in your browser without needing anything to install or download, get started today and never have to patch or unpack any installs again. Music to your ears?


No manual needed here, just click where you think and start typing away. Easy to use and with features like auto-save, you'll be right at home with Sushi.


Available to start using only minutes from now for FREE